Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Mondial Diagnostics considers the availability of local/regional manufacturing and distribution capabilities for poverty-related disease diagnostics as a critical part of the development of the structural improvement of the healthcare infrastructure in low- and middle-income countries.

To support the establishment and development of such capabilities Mondial Diagnostics works with partners in various regions around the world through Knowledge and Technology Transfer projects.
Mondial Diagnostics accompanies the partner from concept through setup and optimization to local manufacturing, distribution, and marketing. The process is further strengthened through support with troubleshooting and quality management, and can expand further into co-development of novel rapid diagnostic tests to address local/regional medical needs.

The Knowledge and Technology Transfer Program includes:

  • Advice on the setup of a manufacturing infrastructure and quality management system for rapid diagnostics
  • Hands-on training of laboratory staff, on-site and/or at our laboratories in Amsterdam
  • Transfer of tests developed by Mondial Diagnostics and the associated manufacturing and quality control protocols
  • Assistance in optimizing in-house developed assays and joint diagnostic test development
  • Assistance with quality control and quality management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Marketing and improvement of awareness


Contact us if you:

  • are interested in becoming a Mondial Diagnostics partner and establish local manufacturing and distribution of our rapid diagnostic tests for poverty-related diseases
  • need support in optimizing the performance of your diagnostic test
  • are looking for external quality control testing and/or help with the quality management of your rapid diagnostics