Rapid Diagnostic Tests

Mondial Diagnostics' current portfolio includes high-quality antigens and validated lateral flow assays (LFAs) for brucellosis, leptospirosis, and typhoid fever.
Mondial Diagnostics' rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) are intended for use at the point-of-care, whether in the physician's office or out in the field, and don't require electricity or laboratory equipment. The RDTs only use a single drop of whole blood (obtained with a simple finger prick) or serum and test results are obtained in 10-15 minutes with the unaided eye.


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Coming soon : schistosomiasis update

Coming soon : point-of-care VF triage test for people living with HIV


Other diagnostic tests for point-of-care use are in development. More information on these products will be presented here in due course.



MondialDx Human Leptospirosis IgM LFA

The MondialDx Human Leptospirosis IgM LFA provides a simple and affordable alternative for the serodiagnosis of human leptospirosis. The test detects specific antibodies in a drop of whole blood or serum and combines high sensitivity with a high specificity.
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MondialDx Human Brucellosis IgM and IgG LFAs

The MondialDx Human Brucellosis IgM/IgG LFA is intended for the serodiagnosis of acute and persistent brucellosis. The test consists of two devices, one for serodiagnosis of acute brucellosis through detection of specific IgM antibodies, and a second LFA device for the serodiagnosis of persistent disease based on detection of specific IgG antibodies against Brucella. The test can be used with whole blood or serum, and detects Brucella abortus, B. melitensis and B.suis infections with high sensitivity and specificity.
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MondialDx Human Typhoid Fever IgM LFA

The MondialDx Human Typhoid Fever IgM LFA provides a quick and accurate tools for the serodiagnosis of typhoid fever through measurement of specific IgM antibodies which are present early in the disease. Sensitivity of the assay increases in the days after disease onset.
More information about typhoid fever


MondialDx Canine Leptospirosis LFA

The MondialDx Canine Leptospirosis LFA is a high-quality rapid diagnostic test for the detection of severe acute leptospirosis in dogs.


MondialDx Livestock Brucellosis LFAs

The MondialDx Livestock Brucellosis LFAs are high-quality rapid diagnostics for the detection of brucellosis in livestock, and come in four versions specific for cattle, goat, sheep, or swine.